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Mine Stat Support

Mine Stat Support has an alliance with Registered Training Organisations with “Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining (Open Cut Examiner)” within their scope of registration.
We have authorised trainer/assessors with the RTOs and are able to assist experienced coalmine workers (Individuals) attain their Cert IV in Surface Coal Mining (Open Cut Examiner) and then their Open Cut Examiner Certificate of Competency.

Mine Stat Support offer the following assistance:


This program is offered to mining companies who wish to provide professional development to experienced surface coal mine workers. We are able to facilitate learning events for small groups of nominated participants. We lead the participants through the theory content of the Core or Mandatory Units of study that are directly related to the role of an OCE.

We do recommend that participants have most other competencies prior to commencing the core units so that continuity of learning and then the sitting the exams is not interrupted.  This improves the success rate substantially. Please note that this is not an absolute requirement, however, we have noted improved results when this is the case.

We can custom tailor a program to suit your business need. However, the typical Fast Tracked OCE Program arrangement is two days a month facilitated learning and then about three days a month for the on-job component.  The theory can be facilitated in a classroom (on-site or off-site) and the on-job component is done on-site under the guidance of a site representative and key personnel.  A Unit of Competence is normally completed monthly.  So, around 6 months (or sessions) is required to complete the learning and then additional time if assistance with exam/s preparation is required.  If the participant has all the other necessary requirements in place it is not unreasonable to consider that a participant could achieve their OCE Certificate in 9 – 12 months.

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Before we accept enrollment, participants must demonstrate that they have the support of their current employer.  Typically this is arranged once a mining company engages Stat Mine Support o facilitate the learning events and a Purchase Order is provided. Please note that all participants will require access to the site SHMS and key personnel on site from time to time and we recommend that a site representative is nominated for all correspondence and coordination of the on-job activities required to meet the learning etc. We can assist the representative with establishing a recommended criteria prior to selecting / nominating potential participants and help determine / confirm eligibility.

Once enrolled we can then

  • Map learner’s current competencies – skills matrix
  • Develop learning path (in consultation with learner)
  • Facilitate Certificate IV learning events
    (Core Units and organise other learning as/if required)
  • Help with preparation for law exam (provide feedback on readiness)
  • Help learner apply for OCE Certificate with Board of Examiners
    * Learner sits law exam (70% pass required)
  • Help with preparation for oral exam (provide feedback on readiness)
    * Learner sits Oral (70% pass in each topic required)

The Board of Examiners determines learners eligibility
– advises learner of result
– Issues OCE Certificate

The Board of Examiners needs to be assured that the participant is capable of performing the role of Open Cut Examiner at any open cut coal mine.  An important part of their consideration is an assessment of their practical work experience and the ability to verify that work experience.

The BOE needs to be comfortable that the learners experience and expertise is sound before granting them an OCE Certificate of Competency.  The information that they provide about their work experience provides the Board of Examiners with information to make a judgment on their suitability.  It is therefore important that they provide evidence to show that they are experienced in many of the systems and methods of mining in and around the open cut excavation.

The most important aspect of providing written evidence is to show their involvement in the application and monitoring of tasks by listing actual specific examples of what they have done, the equipment that you have operated, the “date from” and “date to” on that type of work and the location in the mine in which you worked.

This forms part of their application for consideration when they apply for their Open Cut Examiners Certificate of Competency.

For an obligation free quote please contact us using the contact form.

or send a mail to support@opencutexaminer.com